Launch For 8 June 2024 Is A GO!

To all, the NOTAM and Waiver are set up for this weekend: 1A4 06/230. It will be HOT this weekend, we are catching a break, there is a front pushing thru that will have the humidity in the mid 40s for Saturday with a light breeze out of the north. Please bring shade, hats and lots of water, you will need to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t forget lunch, chairs, rockets. Chris Shout will NOT BE VENDING, he is in New York state at LDRS.

Chris Crews may be around but isn’t really available to help with launch, Kendall is still out of pocket, Emily and Jacob are moving to a new home; SO I will need lots of help to get this launch set up and run, not to mention take down. The students at FSU have agreed to help but I will still need everyone in attendance to contribute something toward the launch this weekend!!

Use the map at this link ( ) or put Sod Road Samson AL into the GPS to find the launch site.

See you Saturday, dress for hot weather!

John Hansel

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