About the Launch Site

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The launch site is located on a multi-crop 600 acre farm in Samson AL. The multiple types of crops planted across the property sometimes force a “launch season” as we like to call it. It usually begins in August or September and ends around April or May. This also means that there are usually no launches during the hottest parts of a South Alabama Summer, other than the occasional late August launch. During our launch season, we try to schedule a launch for the first Saturday of each month, unless there is a holiday or other conflict. 

The club has a standing FAA waiver to 9800′ AGL. The Pea River follows along one edge of the property with the rest of the launch site being surrounded by woods, and there are a few irrigation ponds on the property, but for the most part there is a large recovery area. An aerial view of the launch site is shown below.

Directions to Launch Site: From the intersection of AL 52 and AL 87 (downtown Samson, AL), go west on AL 52 for 9/10 miles and turn right next to Grocery Outlet onto County Road 17. Go 8/10 of a mile on County 17, until you see a cemetery on the right. Veer left onto the dirt road called Pera Road. You will come to a short paved section and at 4/10 of a mile down this road turn left at the SEARS rocket sign. Continue on one lane dirt road and continue straight ahead past the barns and heavy equipment into the middle of the field. Stay on the road and observe the signs. You will be able to see the pop-up tents and vehicles parked at the launch site. 

We ask that you respect the landowners by staying in the roads and off of the grass and crops. It will also keep your vehicle safe as the ground can get very wet off the sides of the road.